Finding Inner Peace

worried about future

The Future Worries Me – As It Should: how to be happy

By Chris Shea | March 26, 2019

We fixate our thoughts on the future and so complain that the future worries me. If we stay focused on the future than yes, I’d be worried about my future, too. But there is a solution which I offer in my four tips for coping with the future. If I were to ask for a…

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inner peace happiness

Happiness Is Not The Answer But Here’s What Is

By Chris Shea | February 18, 2019

Are you happy? The reason I ask is that many people tend to judge their life goals or where they are in life based on their level of happiness. So, for our purposes, I describe happiness as “our level of satisfaction with what we have at the moment”.  Now, when we say, “with what we…

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holiday stress

How To Find Peace In The Holiday Stress

By Chris Shea | December 17, 2018

The time of the year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is filled with high expectation leading us into holiday stress. The expectation for perfection is great, causing us stress and a lack of peace when we desire this to be a time of joy with the celebration of family traditions. Here are my 4…

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a life of purpose

The Uplifting Story Of How I Found Inner Peace

By Chris Shea | November 5, 2018

In this article, I share with you an interview by Jan Bowen who speaks with me about my life’s journey and how I came to be the person I am today. I share about my childhood influences, the curves my life has taken over the decades, and the influences which have shaped me to be…

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Are You Happy? How To Find Your PATH

Are You Happy? How To Find Your PATH

By Chris Shea | September 29, 2018

 Are you happy? Are you seeking a happy life? This article guides you to find a meaningful life. I’ve developed a way of living which I call “finding your PATH.” When I find myself feeling stressed or anxious, I also tend to feel lost. How about you? Are you happy? Are you seeking to live…

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change perspective

How To Change My Perspective And Be Happy

By Chris Shea | August 8, 2018

Over the years I’ve come to the realization that my perspective is a point of life we don’t think of. Yet, perspective influences and dictates how I feel and act. It’s all about my perspective! I feel that we are challenged to understand that the way we view or perceive the world around us is…

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stress reduction

How To Feel Inner Peace By Changing Perspective

By Chris Shea | May 8, 2018

Inner peace is possible if we change our perspective to control what we can control. Peace of mind is in our thoughts and feelings. Who doesn’t like to feel in control of life? Experiencing peace of mind is part of our human condition; believing that we have control over our lives. In actuality, we have…

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Finding True Gratitude Through Mindfulness And Action

Finding True Gratitude Through Mindfulness And Action

By Chris Shea | November 21, 2017

For as long as I can remember, November is a special month for me. Why? Well, autumn is in full swing and the holiday season is just around the corner! November is also a special month for me since it’s a time which inspires gratitude. During this month many of us take time from our…

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pursuit of inner peace

5 Reasons Why Inner Peace Is Important

By Chris Shea | October 23, 2017

So many of us are seeking inner peace that the question of why inner peace is important comes to the forefront. Inner peace is a concept which I speak and write about quite frequently. For me, the pursuit of inner peace is more important and vital then the search for happiness or success. Happiness is…

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Mindfulness find your inner peace

How To Find Your Inner Peace

By Chris Shea | August 15, 2017

As a counselor and a life coach, it is unfortunate that I wasn’t provided any formal education to prepare me to use mindfulness. But, after becoming personally aware of mindfulness and how it led me to find my inner peace, I made it my mission to teach people how to find your inner peace. Historically,…

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