Personal Empowerment

Why Are We Lying to Therapist: Understanding the Dynamics

By Chris Shea | February 27, 2024

Click here to have the article read to you Did you know that a study found over 90% of therapy clients are lying to therapist at least once? We often craft narratives that stray from the truth, masking our insecurities, or diminishing our struggles. Such dishonesty might seem benign, yet it hampers the very core…

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Optimism: Develop Your Positive Outlook to Achieve Your Goals

By Chris Shea | November 16, 2023

As an optimist, I’ve always believed in the power of positive thinking. It’s not just about seeing the glass as half full, but about embracing an optimistic language that can truly transform your attitude and outlook on life. In this article, we’ll delve into the understanding of optimism and its impact, the benefits of being…

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holiday blues

Dealing With Holiday Blues How To Help My Friend Cope While I’m Happy

By Chris Shea | December 10, 2022

“If one were to devise an experimental set of circumstances which would test the integrity of an individual’s mood control, one would invent the year-end holiday season.” Jonathan Himmelhoch (Psychiatrist, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic) If you or someone you know are feeling down during the holiday season, there’s no need to worry. There are…

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gratitude autumn reduce stress

How To Effectively Accomplish Change During Autumn And Absolutely Reduce Stress

By Chris Shea | November 10, 2022

Trying to accomplish change and reduce stress seems impossible. Change itself brings on stress, so how can change minimize stress? I thought that, too, until I started practicing mindfulness in the Autumn of 2012. Let me explain. Let’s go back to the 1980s when I snapped this picture while living in an unassuming community in…

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Anxious about reentering society COVID-19

Anxious About Reentering Society After The Pandemic? Here’s Your How To Guide

By Chris Shea | May 18, 2021

Anxious feelings are understandable when returning to everyday life after the pandemic. There will be a process of readjustment. There are bound to be thoughts or worries about the changes that are happening in your life. It is natural for people to want to stay in their comfort zone. Entering the unknown is what causes…

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grief COVID

How To Healthily Cope With Grief During Covid-19

By Chris Shea | August 11, 2020

Grief is a typical human experience, but the COVID-19 pandemic has upended many of the ways we usually manage the loss. Here are my tips on coping healthily with your grief.  Grief is one of those emotions that many of us think of only during the loss of a loved one. And while this is…

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make a difference

How To Cope And Positively Make A Difference In Society

By Chris Shea | June 15, 2020

I’m re-writing this article to help me process my feelings and mental struggles with all that is happening in my country. I originally wrote this piece back in 2015, yet I feel it remains appropriate for 2020. I, and others, struggle with a response to what we are feeling as there are so many diverse…

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new normal covid

The New Normal – 7 Valuable Lesson Opportunities To Learn Now

By Chris Shea | June 8, 2020

The “new normal” is a phrase that has entered our everyday speech, along with phrases such as “social distancing,” “physical distancing,” or “PPE.” Due to COVID-19 pandemic, our lives have been changed. The questions are, how much longer will our lives be changed, and will our lives ever be what they were before?  Therefore, the…

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future worries me COVID-19 coronavirus

The Future Worries Me – As It Should: Coronavirus version

By Chris Shea | May 25, 2020

Yes, the future worries me. Interestingly, a year ago, I wrote and published this article on worrying about the future. Little did I know that a year later, this topic would be most appropriate.  As we continue to struggle with the societal effects of COVID-19, the future worries me. It’s, seemingly, more unsure than ever…

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holiday blues

The Holiday Blues How To Help People Cope

By Chris Shea | November 18, 2019

The holiday blues are a real phenomenon, with half of us feeling some stress and fatigue if not mild depression. The holiday blues are felt by people as a result of the holiday season. Yet, some people are entering the holiday season already feeling stressed, anxious, sad, grieving, depressed, etc. How do I enjoy the…

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