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"Life is sometimes difficult, but even so, it is always possible to find inner peace." -Chris Shea, co-host of "On Finding Peace"

Life is sometimes difficult, but even so, it is always possible to find inner peace. Our podcast co-hosts Chris & Missy cover topics of daily living which cause us stress and anxiety, guiding us on how to change our perspective and to learn how to live in the moment.

Chris is a national speaker, author, and counselor for more than 20 years. He is the founder of Lifesjourney Life Coaching, LLC, providing life coaching, business coaching/consultation, and keynote speaking focused on improving one's inner-life, encouraging us to live in the moment to find our inner peace.

Missy is a coach, an author, and founder of The Phoenix Program, helping you shift your perceptions and be reborn to share your greatness with the world.

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In this episode, Missy and Chris are tackling the concept of verbal processing. Communication is key to any healthy relationship, but how each person processes verbal communication affects the overall value of the communication. Is the difference gender related? Can we even ask that question today?

The hosts ponder the origins of verbal processing all the way back to cave people and wonder if how we internally process our verbal communication hasn't evolved too much over the millennia. Is there a right or wrong way to process? Is it a learned behavior from childhood?

The "answers" from the hosts aren't conclusive, but they do agree that in order for communication to take place, each person needs to understand and respect the process of the other. What are your thoughts?

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