Coping With Addiction

understand addiction

How To Understand Addiction And Find Inner Peace

By Chris Shea | May 6, 2022

To understand addiction is a complex condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Many of us struggle with addiction at some point in our lives. Understanding addiction as a disease that is treatable gives us a sense of inner peace, even if we don’t fully understand why it happens. This article explores the disease concept…

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social connectedness

Social Connectedness And Addiction: The Unparalleled Key To Success

By Chris Shea | February 5, 2020

Social connectedness is what I feel is the key to a life of recovery from addiction. Social connectedness is that which holds us, as a society, together in support of each other. We function as a group of individuals in our ability to sense and believe in social connectedness. But what happens when I lose…

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treatment on demand

Treatment On Demand For Drug Addiction Is The Solution

By Chris Shea | July 15, 2019

Treatment on demand for drug addiction is not a reality in most places of the USA, yet cities like Baltimore could save over $46 million if everyone who wanted treatment received treatment. Unlike other illnesses, those suffering from drug addiction are turned away from treatment centers or forced to travel hundreds of miles to acquire…

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trauma and addiction

Trauma And Addiction: How To Be Compassionate

By Chris Shea | June 10, 2019

Trauma and addiction tend to go hand in hand. As a disease, substance dependency (addiction) finds it’s origin in past trauma. Understanding that people struggling with addiction as a disease and are most likely victims of trauma, maybe we can be compassionate towards them. Recovery is possible if we treat the root of the disease,…

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opioid epidemic

How To Stop Blaming Others For The Opioid Epidemic

By Chris Shea | February 25, 2019

The blame game is alive and well, but we need to stop blaming others. The opioid epidemic grows while we as a society are blaming others and judging those who are addicted to the opioid drugs. We must work together for a viable resolution to this epidemic, and here are my suggestions. It appears to…

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opioid crisis

How To Cope When A Family Member Is Addicted

By Chris Shea | October 29, 2018

We’ve seen the opioid crisis get worse with more people addicted and more overdose deaths reported. Addiction is a family disease as the effects of the addiction impact the family unit. Here’s how families can cope when one of their own is addicted.  As the opioid crisis continues to get worse, more and more families…

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addiction is a family illness

How To Cope When Addiction Runs In The Family

By Chris Shea | September 5, 2017

Nowadays, the unfortunate reality is that many of us have been affected in some way by addiction. We personally may not be the person suffering from the addiction but odds are there is someone in your family or circle of friends who either is currently addicted or is working on a program of recovery. The…

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A Different Perspective on Addiction

By ryan | December 17, 2016

{eds. note: This is a guest blog written by counselor Catherine McConnell. Click here for her website.} Everyone knows that “drugs are bad, mmkay.” We’ve all heard it, “just say no,” “addiction is a disease,” and it has been glamorized for our entertainment in shows like “Intervention.” But what if it was more than that?…

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