Changing Perspective On The Holiday Season

Changing Perspective On The Holiday Season

By Chris Shea | December 23, 2019

Changing perspective on the holiday season is so crucial for us in finding happiness and peace. The stress and busyness of the holiday season have me reflecting on the topic of keeping perspective on the holidays. If I change how I think about, or view, the holidays, then how I view and cope with the…

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Christmas mindfulness life coach

Christmas – A Spiritual Journey

By Chris Shea | December 16, 2019

My gift to you! “A Spiritual Journey of Christmas”. In this short booklet, I spiritually reflect on Christmas, Mary, and New Years. The holiday season is filled with mindful opportunities for reflection and meditation toward improving our happiness and inner peace. I hope this booklet of my reflections helps guide your reflections. -Chris   {loadmoduleid…

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coping with family stress

Coping With Family Stress To Bring Peace To The Holidays

By Chris Shea | December 5, 2019

Coping with family stress during the holidays can seem like a given. Many of us anticipate that family will get on our nerves, make us upset, or get us angry. Understanding that stress, especially during the holidays, will happen, then coping with family stress becomes more manageable and doable since we expect to feel and…

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holiday blues

The Holiday Blues How To Help People Cope

By Chris Shea | November 18, 2019

The holiday blues are a real phenomenon, with half of us feeling some stress and fatigue if not mild depression. The holiday blues are felt by people as a result of the holiday season. Yet, some people are entering the holiday season already feeling stressed, anxious, sad, grieving, depressed, etc. How do I enjoy the…

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Confidence: How To Embrace It As I Did

By Chris Shea | November 5, 2019

Confidence is not something we’re born with, it’s something we learn as we mature. My personal story is one of a shy boy transformed into a confident man. How did I do it? How can you do it? Let’s talk about how I eventually learned to embrace my confidence. “Confidence isn’t walking into a room…

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find hope

How To Find Hope In Life

By Chris Shea | October 17, 2019

How to find hope in life is not always an easy task. Yet, a life without a sense of hope can be dark, depressed, anxious, and lacking in motivation. In this article, I write about ways of finding hope in life, and so finding happiness and inner peace.  To find hope and to keep hope…

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overcome fear

How To Overcome Fear But We Need Fear To Live

By Chris Shea | September 5, 2019

To overcome fear, one needs to believe they will be happy on the other side, and that getting to the other side of fear is possible. Knowing and believing are two very different attitudes. In this article, I use my own childhood fear as an example throughout. Keep in mind, we need fear to live,…

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don't sweat the small stuff

How To Not Sweat The Small Stuff And Find Happiness

By Chris Shea | August 21, 2019

Learning to not sweat the small stuff is a phrase filled with much wisdom. The important piece to this statement is learning to live in the moment. But how can we learn to stay more in the moment so that we don’t let the little things bother us so much that we lose our happiness?…

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life management

Life Management Tips For A Happy Life

By Chris Shea | August 9, 2019

Life management became the focus of my live interview on the LA radio show “Ask Brien.” This business-focused show turned into a life coaching episode as the topic of time management easily and quickly moved into life management. Check out the full interview below. The host asked me to define and talk about time management,…

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treatment on demand

Treatment On Demand For Drug Addiction Is The Solution

By Chris Shea | July 15, 2019

Treatment on demand for drug addiction is not a reality in most places of the USA, yet cities like Baltimore could save over $46 million if everyone who wanted treatment received treatment. Unlike other illnesses, those suffering from drug addiction are turned away from treatment centers or forced to travel hundreds of miles to acquire…

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