Practicing Mindfulness

coping with anxiety; a personal story

By lifesjourneyblog | July 24, 2016

Ed note: I am pleased to present this post from guest blogger Ms. Amanda LePore. I have anxiety. It runs in my family, so I should have expected it (thanks a lot, genes!). Growing up, I felt that I wasn’t completely “normal.” (insert all the jokes about me being an “awkward weirdo” here) I mean,…

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Rest Stop (Tues) … Tips for sleeping soundly

By lifesjourneyblog | June 28, 2016

Based on my experience, there are two main reasons we have trouble sleeping: either because you are excited about something upcoming, or you are anxious about something upcoming. I can still vividly remember that night before we as a family were leaving for Washington, DC for the first time. I was a child then, and…

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Rest Stop (Sunday) … an example of living mindfulness

By lifesjourneyblog | May 15, 2016

I often talk about mindful living, yet I recognize the difficulty in fully understanding not only what it means, but also how it “looks”. When I first saw this video on social media I immediately said to myself “this is what mindfulness is all about!” After watching this video reflect back on your experience, noticing…

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Rest Stop (Sunday) … coping with the time change

By lifesjourneyblog | March 13, 2016

Last night, many of us in the United States turned the hands of time ahead one hour as we are entering the period identified as Daylight Savings Time.  Our ability to change time prompts a few questions for me, some mundane and some a bit more philosophical.  But, to stay grounded I will refrain, for this…

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Rest Stop (Leap Day) … 5 tips to make it unique

By lifesjourneyblog | February 28, 2016

Today is a day which only comes around every 4 years! Today, “Leap Day”, exists to correct the scientific calculations of our current western calendar. But, I’m not writing about the scientific reasons for this day. Instead, I imagine great possibilities that this extra day provides us. I tend to look at this day as…

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Rest Stop (Thursday) … mindfulness meditation works

By lifesjourneyblog | February 25, 2016

As many of us spend much of our time rushing around, we don’t seem to have the time for meditation. I often write and speak about the importance of daily meditation, understanding that there are more of us who want to meditate than actually do meditate. Good intentions; I know, I’ve been there. One of…

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