military trusted business Do you find yourself feeling anxious or stressed? Maybe life isn't the way you expected and you aren’t sure how best to cope. Do you find yourself needing goals and a path toward the future? If so, life coaching is for you! Your coaches at Lifesjourney guide you through your daily hardships, stress, anxiety, lack of direction or goals in life, addictions, relationship issues, and simply life in general.

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Life coaching is a practice that involves guiding people to identify and realize their goals, dreams, and aspirations while breaking through the barriers. By becoming self-aware you are free to develop your talents and potential.

Life coaching is different from psychological counseling!

Not everyone who is struggling in life needs a counselor or suffers from an illness. A coach is someone who guides you through the struggle. Unlike a counselor, a life coach doesn’t diagnose an illness. A life coach is active in the sessions and can even follow up with you through text, quick calls or emails.

Unlike many life coaches, Lifesjourney coaches are also experienced, psychological counselors. We use our unique combination of skills to enhance and broaden our ability to guide you in meeting your life goals. It's our mission to use our training and personal life experiences as a means of helping you find your path, just as we have found our path.

Life Coaches Affiliated With Lifesjourney

rsz rebeccaRebecca Lyon, M.Ed, brings her life long experience to her life coaching work. She has worked for many years in the addiction counseling field as well as a community support advocate. She's trained as a life coach, combining her counseling education with that of her coaching. A well-rounded person, Rebecca is a certified Grumbacher Art Instructor as well as an adolescent divorce care counselor and advocate. She shares her time with life coaching by teaching English as a foreign language online to students residing in China. Rebecca can be reached by email:  or by calling our office. 


Life coaching clients come to Lifesjourney from across the USA and the world. Utilizing technology, we can meet for coaching over the internet, by phone, or in-person at our office. There is no barrier to us working together to meet your needs.

If you’re ready to begin life coaching or want to explore what's possible for your life as we work together, please reach out to either Rebecca or Chris. You can email us at or call directly 301-850-2177 or click below.

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