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Has stress taken over your life?

Do you long for peace and happiness?

The Journey to Inner Peace Starts Here is the quintessential guide to learning to recognize and embrace peace. With simple techniques that can easily be incorporated into your busy life, this book gently nudges you in the right direction and will help you to navigate away from stress and chaos and into the direction of tranquility, solace, and gratitude for all the good in your life and all the good to come.

Inside, you’ll discover how to: Eliminate the stressors in your life - Recognize what brings you joy - Practice self-care - Let go of negative emotions - Accept and handle your emotions - Find peace and happiness - And more!

If you’re ready to take the most important journey of your life, buy your copy of this life-altering book and make positive changes today!


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Are you sometimes overwhelmed by life’s ups and downs?

Do you long for a way to see past your troubles?

Coping with Adversity in Life aims to help you do just that. You’ll learn everything you need to know about adversity, how it impacts your life, and most importantly, how to not only survive hardships but thrive beyond them.

Told in an easy-to-understand style, this motivational guide will walk you through mindfulness practices that will help you ease stress, find peace, and regain happiness. Through meditative practices, simple exercises, and down to earth advice, each lesson helps you to erase the woes, eliminate the negativity, and find your center.

There is no one-size-fits-all roadmap to life, but there are proven methods of healing and coping with the world around you. If you’re ready to make a positive change and embrace a new, happier, healthier reality or ready to help a friend who may be suffering from emotional strain, buy your copy today and forge a new path to happiness.


What makes a great leader? What are the traits of leadership? How can you become a leader?

great leaderThese are some of the questions that are answered in this book. The author, Chris Shea, has multi-decade experience as a leader, serving in non-profit and government agencies in administrator and C-level executive positions. In this book he shares the traits that a leader should have and how they come to possess those traits.

This book is not just for business leaders, but also for those who are or want to be leaders in their community or religious congregation.

Check out the free companion white paper "The Forgotten Audience" by clicking here. If your internal content is crafted right, it can support mindfulness for business, or the in-the-moment eye on the present through a non-judgmental lens.




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Mindfulness is a practice that guides us to understand the world around us and within us. Mindfulness is vital for us to find inner peace.

 In this ebook I share my reflections on mindfulness, teaching you how to find your way to inner peace through practical tips and activities you can do on a daily basis.




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Life coaching is a practice that involves guiding people to identify and realize their goals, dreams, and aspirations while breaking through the barriers. By becoming self-aware you are free to develop your talents and potential.

Life coaching is different from psychological counseling!

Not everyone who is struggling in life needs a counselor or suffers from an illness. A coach is someone who guides you through the struggle. Unlike a counselor, a life coach doesn’t diagnose an illness. A life coach is active in the sessions and can even follow up with you through text, quick calls, or emails.

This booklet helps you discover if you need a life coach by offering a quick quiz and explanations of coaching versus mental health counseling.

Unlike many life coaches, I am also an experienced psychological counselor for over 20 years. If you see me for life coaching I will use my unique combination of skills to enhance and broaden my ability to guide you in meeting your life goals. It is my mission to use my training and personal life experiences as a means of helping you find your path, just as I have found mine 

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