Since the mid-1990’s I have been speaking throughout the nation at conferences, seminars, and training; interviewed on TV, national and international radio shows as well as podcasts. I currently host a podcast show "On Finding Peace”. This page hosts selected clips of some of my speaking engagements and interviews. For a complete listing, click here. To view all of my videos check out my YouTube page.

Here's my latest interview on Fox45 in Baltimore, WBFF, talking about ways to handle stress in the workplace. -Chris #interview #WBFFtv #Fox45 #ChrisShea


I was honored to be interviewed on Fox45 News talking about the opioid crisis. I stress that treatment and support for familes is more important than blaming others. What are your thoughts? -Chris #opioidcrisis #painpills #painmeds #addiction #recovery #recoveryispossible #stoptheblamegame #interview #WBFFtv #Fox45 #ChrisShea


In this podcast video episode I am joined by Stan Tatkin and a panel of experts as we all talk about the ways, and tips, for not sweating the small stuff.

Arguing is a fact of life, and even the happiest of couples do it. In this podcast I am joined by Stan Tatkin and a panel of experts as we discuss ways to argue in a healthy manner.

Tempers can flare even among couples who are deeply in love. In this panel discussion I am joined by Stan Tatkin and a group of experts talking about tips to coping with temper.

"In this interview from November 2010, Chris speaks about addiction and some resources available in Baltimore, MD."

In this brief podcast, Chris describes what we mean by the term "mindfulness" and how our past and future interact with our present.

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