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What is a Life Coach?

Life coaching is a practice that involves guiding people to identify and realize their goals, dreams, and aspirations while breaking through mental and emotional barriers. Do you find yourself feeling anxious or stressed? Maybe life isn't the way you expected and you aren’t sure how best to cope. Do you find yourself needing goals and a path toward the future? If so, life coaching is definitely for you.


Truth be told, we are too close to our lives sometimes to get perspective. A life coach can help you find perspective and help you leverage it for personal growth.


Accountability doesn’t mean you’re going to get your hand slapped. It means someone who has your back is there to give you that nudge when you need it most.


We often hear things better from an outsider rather than from people too close to our situation. A life coach can provide ‘level-headedness’ to complex situations.
"The goal for inner peace is not to eliminate our anxiety, the goal is in the actions we take to cope with our anxiety and everyday stress."
-Chris Shea


Schedule a free 15 minute consultation call with Chris and find out if life coaching is a good fit for where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.

"The key to stress reduction is in focusing our thoughts and actions on that which we can control, our thoughts and feelings, not on what we can’t control, situations and other people."
- Chris Shea


Chris’ goal and mission is to guide people toward finding self-awareness and inner peace. He encourages people to view their lives from varied perspectives and looks to find what daily practices strengthen us along our journey. Chris’ philosophy for finding inner peace lies in two basic concepts: keeping our thoughts on the present moment, and practicing some form of daily meditation.

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