In my latest podcast episode (listen to it below) I interviewed author John Vespasian about rational living. In the interview he described rational living as to "put emotions in the right frame ... in reality". Rational living, a derivative of Rational Emotive Therapy as well as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, rational living emphasizes an approach to life based on fact, objectives, and an "entrepreneurial" approach. According to John Vespasian: "Anyone who wants to attain happiness and effectiveness must start by adopting an entrepreneurial attitude." Why? "Crusaders are motivated by the desire to win over their opponents. Entrepreneurs want to find buyers for their products, even if the rest of the world laughs at them." For Mr. Vespasian, a "crusader" may end his cause based on how he feels emotionally about the following, or lack thereof, for the cause. Yet, the entrepreneur's approach to life is more calculated and based on fact, not emotion.

Vespasian wrote: "Our history repeatedly shows the value of rational thinking – and the limitations of overlooking reality." In his latest book he uses examples from history to confirm his thesis that facts, not "self-help maxims of positive thinking" are what brings us true happiness and success.

In the interview I asked Mr. Vespasian, "based on rational living, a person who is anxious and depressed with the current world affairs, how can they find happiness?" His answer may surprise you! What are your views on rational living and Vespasian's approach?

John Vespasian is the author of several books, his latest titled: "On Becoming Unbreakable: How Normal People Become Extraordinarily Self-Confident". You can find his books by clicking here, and his blog is located here.

Here's the interview:

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