Earlier today as I was reading and admiring the nature around me, I realized that time flies rather quickly. "Tempus fugit" (time flies) is a phrase I learned early on in my Latin studies.  Yes, I reluctantly studied Latin my first two years of college. Why?  That's a longer story for another blog post. Suffice it to say, I have realized that since the start of the new academic year I have found myself inundated with projects and activities, all legitimate and worthwhile, but taking away the time I used to use for reflection and blog writing. How did that happen? Why did I allow it to happen?

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Yes, that is me in the kayak in the distance. It's moments like these when time does not fly, rather, time seems to slow and even to stop. Why is it important for us to take time for reflection? For me, it is to re-group and gather my thoughts; a time to listen and hear what my God says to me in the quiet moments. It is a time to refocus from the details of life to the bigger picture of what really matters and of what this life's journey is all about. It is in these moments of "stopped time" when I realize that life is not simply about fleeting emotions or possession of things, rather it is about God, family, love, care and fellowship. Stopping time helps me appreciate what truly is important.

How do you "stop time"? We all don't have the ability to kayak on the water, but we all have the ability to sit, close our eyes, and try to clear our mind for at least 10 minutes in the day. While meditating try to focus on an image which is relaxing, or repeat a simple phrase over and over, slower and calmer each time.

In our modern world, and my old age, time seems to fly faster and faster. Therefore, how important is it for me to "stop time".  So I ask of myself, and of you; to what lengths will I go to make meditation a priority?

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