As I was reading the latest edition of MAD Magazine (yes, I fully admit to this behavior, begun when I was a mere child) I came upon this cartoon. Instead of laughing, the cartoon gave me pause. I paused as I realized that I am guilty of similar actions throughout the year. How many times have I missed what is happening right in front of me while I was preoccupied with my desires and my intentions, my wants? I dare say I am not the only one who has acted in this way.

Christmas, MAD Magazine, peace, gift, joy, serenity Perspective Shift (Photo credit: MAD Magazine Feb 2015 issue)

As I quite often do, I encourage us to pause throughout our day and to focus on the present moment. Pause and notice all that is around you, especially the small things, and as we do this observe the world around you from a different perspective, a perspective other than self-centric.

During this season of peace and joy, let us strive to live in the moment, focused on others, sharing the gifts we have been given so that we may become gift to others. And to think, this reflection came from my reading of MAD. Now that's looking at life from a different perspective!

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