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As I posted yesterday, a day of such tragedy, there are no wise words or explanations for the families and friends effected.  Most importantly, we need to cling to loved ones, turn to our God, and support each other as best we can.

My faith and relationship with my God offer me comfort and a hope, but it does not explain the "why".  I don't feel it is proper at this time for me to post a detailed discussion on what I mean by the "why", but suffice it to say, I urge you to find the good and the love in your section of the world, and spread it!

Here is a quote that I have used often in my own life as I have reflected on the reasons, the "why", of tragedy.  In my time as a hospital chaplain and counselor I have been witness to societal and personal tragedy in the lives of those to whom I was ministering.  A life lesson I began to learn is that sometimes words fail us, and when that happens all we can do is offer a ministry of presence, simply being with another in silence.  This silent presence binds us to each other in a sense of deep comfort and compassion.  Today, in our silence and reflection, allow this quote from Hanna Hurnard's "Hind's Feet on High Places" to encourage you to action rooted in compassion and love.

“Therefore I begin to think, my Lord, you purposely allow us to be brought into contact with the bad and evil things that You want changed. Perhaps that is the very reason why we are here in this world, where sin and sorrow and suffering and evil abound, so that we may let You teach us so to react to them, that out of them we can create lovely qualities to live forever. That is really the only satisfactory way of dealing with evil. Not simply binding it so that it cannot work harm, but whenever possible overcoming it with good.”

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