The world of academia and study tend to dominate my life, but those who know me also know my love of the weather.  In an earlier blog post I shared a bit about how I came to love, appreciate and respect the weather.  Nature has always fascinated and never ceases to amaze me.

This afternoon, during an active Thunderstorm Watch, my wife and I were on our dock watching the clouds move in when, right in front of us, a waterspout formed!  One would figure that me, the weather enthusiast and forecaster would not only have known of this possibility, but would have also been prepared with camera in hand.  Nope!  Not me.  But luckily my wife was and so she took this picture of the base of the waterspout although the water funnel decided not to be photogenic.

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I have chased many a storm, witnessing tornadoes, waterspouts, hurricanes and the damage they have inflicted.  But never was I this close.  To be in the presence of the waterspout helps me to keep things in perspective.   It helps me to understand that no matter how much science or knowledge we all may have, nature, created by God, is always more powerful, stunning and beautiful.  For all that we in our society feel we have created, we need to be humbled in our littleness in comparison to nature.

Witnessing this, and being able to share it with my wife, was a most wonderful experience!  Nature can teach us many lessons if we are willing to listen and learn.  What has nature taught you?  For me nature teaches perspective and humility in an appreciation for the beauty and power of God in His creation.

When you finish reading this blog look out your window; what lessons are being taught to you right now?

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