Seven years ago many people's lives were forever changed and impacted by Hurricane Katrina.  Today, many of those same individuals are suffering due to Hurricane Isaac.  Of course this event, as do many other natural occurrences, beg the question "why".  Those of faith turn to their higher power for support and answers, while other people of faith ask the question "why".  A couple posts ago I reflected on asking the "why" question, but in this time of trial for those in LA and MS, it just doesn't seem appropriate to philosophize.  I will save the bulk of my reflection for a later post.

For me, when I feel helpless, I turn to my faith and family for support.  I also find creative ways to assist.  It may be in donations of money or time, it may be in prayer, it may be in promoting awareness.  Whatever the approach, for me it is helpful to stay active.  Not to make the situation "right" or to necessarily find meaning in the situation, rather, to bring something positive to a negative situation.

Please join me in this prayer of St. Augustine for those currently coping with Hurricane Isaac:

God of life,

there are days when the burdens we carry

chafe our shoulders and wear us down,

When the road seems dreary and endless,

the skies gray and threatening;

When our lives have no music in them

and our hearts are lonely,

and our souls have lost their courage.

Flood the path with light, we beseech thee Lord,

Turn our eyes to where the heavens are full of promise.

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